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Name:Master UNTORO SUSENO [Marketing]
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57161 JAWATENGAH, Jawa Tengah
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Registration Date:Nov. 09, 2012
Last Updated:Nov. 09, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Environment category

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Before my friend Tani all using products / services from kt-GGI, would beg to read a bit of text below:

1. The number of outstanding / a gaharu tree seedling sale at a cheap price and below the standard price, which is where they just want to sell the seed alone, without any continuation would dikemanakan seeds you plant, and how will the crops. Who will buy it? Offers may be much cheaper than the products we offer, but if you are going to sacrifice your hard work for years just because of the cheap price?
2. Growing Seed Products Sales aloes with system sales, either MLM, Investment Model, Package, profit sharing between investors and farmers. We are from Indonesia Agarwood Gubal Farmers urge you learn first selectively and carefully, so as not to err in decision-making, because the cultivation of aloes require attention and coaching that should be ongoing and continuous.
3. REMEMBER: The Farmers' pig Agarwood Indonesia " NO: * MLM sales, * Investment planting gaharu, * Profit sharing between KT-GGI with farmers, or sale of this package and that.
4. REMEMBER: The Farmers' pig Agarwood Indonesia, " All the crops are right Farmer Member, And your Sovereign on agricultural products, have the freedom to sell their produce if you do not want to sell it on KOPGGI, when in fact your first deposit as a farmer is only the immediate members acting for the plant.
5. Agarwood cultivation can be done on a narrow area ( minimum area of 100 m2) , is not a monopoly of those who own land / garden area only.
6. Agarwood Cultivation Management will become easier with the development of Farmers' pig Agarwood Indonesia " a continuous and ongoing basis to each member of the farmer who needs it.

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